Students at risk due to the dilapidated school building

  February 22, 2019 By: INSEC

The Lungsung Pauwa Elementary school building at Sidingwa Rural Municipality-4, in Mishrataar is in dilapidated condition however no one has taken initiation for its renovation. Children are in fear to study inside the school building however the class is being operated from this building.

Binita Limbu, 13, student at the same school said that the third floor of the building is given support and students fear that it might fall at any time. They are very scared and could not concentrate in the studies. The class rooms are in dilapidated condition after it was damaged by the devastating earthquake in 2015 and they are not in the condition to operate classes.

The school building was built almost 50 years ago and has 50 students. The principal of the school Kamal Niraula said that the condition of the building is very poor. She said that the concerned authority have been informed about the situation however it has not been addressed yet.

Dev Raj Gurung