Province two prioritizes women issues by passing policies and programs

  April 17, 2018 By: INSEC

The provincial meeting held on April 16 has passed policies and program 2017/18 through the provincial parliament on behalf of the government.

The security of women in province 2 has been given stressed through policy and program. The provincial government has adopted the policy of taking severe action against abortion by identifying gender. It is also bringing the policy to insure daughter for their education through insurance as per the campaign of “save daughter, educate daughter”.

Meanwhile, the provincial parliament has also passed the policy and program to stop violence against women by establishing women security desk.

Province chief Ratneshwor Lal Kayastha had presented the government’s policy and program on April 11 which was supported by all party on April 16 meeting, except Nepali Congress.

The government of province 2 has put agriculture, tourism and industry in its priority list. Similarly, it has also prioritized education, health, road and protection of religious and tourist places in its policy.


Binod Kumar Rabidas