Stress given on solidarity among stakeholders for minimizing caste based discrimination

  April 1, 2019 By: INSEC

National Human Rights Commission member Prakash Wasti said that solidarity among the stakeholders is needed for minimizing the incident of caste based discrimination.

Speaking at the program in Kalikot on March 31st Wati said that it is important to raise voice against the untouchability along with implementing it in practice.

He stressed that the issue of caste based discrimination is a serious issue and it is terrific in the district. He added that the commission is also working to minimize the incident of caste based discrimination.

The participants of the program said that the discrimination is prevailing in the society due to the lack of implementation of acts in an effective way.

According to the INSEC data, in 2018 seven incidents of caste based discrimination were  documented  of which majority of incidents were settled in an agreement.


Kali Bahadur Malla