Stress given on making local level responsible

  January 14, 2018 By: INSEC

The participants in an interaction program organized by INSEC between service provider and beneficiary on January 14 stressed to make the local level more responsible.

Speaking at the program, Chief Parshuram Rawat of Agriculture Development said that the agriculture program is not being farmer-friendly.

He said that the agriculture production will increase upto 50% only if the farmers could get quality seed, manure on time. He added that the coordination with local level and making them responsible is very important.

Similarly, DEO Yagya Mani Nepal said that the education sector in Nepal is being more critical due to the irresponsibility of all sectors however it can be corrected. He added that all teachers must be kept away from politics and everyone must work being responsible to reform the education sector of Nepal.

Information Officer Krishna Gopal Chaudhary of District Education Office is hopeful that the coordination with local level will remove the problem.


Man Bahadur Chaudhary