Stress Given On Being More Serious and Aware on Investigation Process

  August 18, 2016 By: INSEC

Participants of program said that civil society must be more aware and powerful after TRC and CIED initiates its investigation after collecting preliminary complaints.

The participants expressed their views while speaking at the program organised by INSEC, conflict victim committee and Karmashil-Nepal on August 17 while publishing facilitation and monitoring report- 2016 regarding the process of investigation of TRC and CIED.

The participants stressed thet civil society must advocate for the victims. They added that investigation process must be very efficient.

Conflict victim committee’s chairperson Bhagi Ram Chaudhary of Bardiya said that the report was made public compiling an achievement after operating a campaign in the district to assist victims on how to lodge a complaint at commissions.

While publishing the report Chaudhary said that during the campaign, an interaction, group and personnel meeting, telephone, inter-dialouge programs were organised with victims.

The published report states that access of victim’s families on commission’s activities was eased due to the campaign. In this district 1215 complaints were lodged at TRC and 275 at CIED.

In this district maximum numbers of people were disappeared during a decade long conflict. Speaking at the program, bal Krishna Oli, coordinator of Civil Society of Bardiya said that civil society must create pressure to the commission, state and political parties after the commission enters investigation phase.

Man Bahadur Chaudhary