Storm Blowing off School Roof Affected Educational Activities in Humla

  May 17, 2024 By: INSEC

The educational activities at the Ramdev Secondary School, Thehema, Simkot Rural Municipality-2 has been affected for four days after the roof of the school building was blown off by the storm on the night of 14 May.

Nara Bhandari, Chairperson of the Parent-Teacher Association of the school, informed that the storm blew away the roof of two classrooms in the building. Additionally, the blowing away of all the metal roof sheets from one side of the school has forced the students to study under the open sky.

The two rooms facing damage were for the students of seventh and eighth grade.  One of the parents, Salkalpa Bohora mentioned that studying has become problematic for the students as there are no other buildings available. Additionally, there are 18 students in class seven and 22 in class eight.

The building was constructed in 2019 under the Presidential Educational Reform Program. It was built with a cost of Rs 18,00,000 with an additional Rs 2,00,000 raised through public donations.

The School Principal Tikaram Paudel, informed that the incident has affected the classes of the students. He further mentioned that they have urged the Rural Municipality to solve this matter.

Nanda Singh