Special Attention must be given on Voter’s Education: Chairman Pyakurel

  May 30, 2017 By: INSEC

Chairperson Subodh Raj Pyakurel of Citizen’s Campaign for Clean Election (CCCE) secretariat INSEC urged the stakeholders to give special attention to voter’s education.

Whille speaking at radio program on CCCE and human rights in Dang on May 29, chairperson Pyakurel urged all stakeholders to give special attention on voter’s education.

He said that there were maximum numbers of void votes in first phase of election on May 14 and urged election commission and political parties to stress on voters education.

” In first phase of election, there were increase in void votes and this is not a good sign” said Pyakurel. “It is important to increase the voters education”, he added.

He added that it is Election Commission’s responsibility for the voter’s education however all political parties must give voters an education on voting process. It is important to create environment where voters can vote without any fear, he stressed.

Speaking at the program, co-partner of CCCE and chairperson of HURON Indra Aryal said that everyone must be serious on creating fearless environment for the voters. A special debate program was held on” Radio Prakriti” on clean and fair election.


J.N Sagar