Social Development Minister accused of misbehaving teacher

  March 25, 2019 By: INSEC

A social development minister Nawal Kishore Shah has been accused of misbehaving 38 years old examination invigilator teacher Bechan Ram of Namuna Secondary School at Janakpurdham Sub-metropolis-9 while monitoring SEE examination on March 24.

The victim through a press meet have accused the minister of misbehaving him during the examination as being dalit.

During the examination monitoring, the victim was asked why he did not put the photo in his ID card.

He was misbehaved on the issue of not putting photo in is ID card. He was even threatened to expel him from the job according to the victim.

The minister in previous occasion has also been accused of misbehaving journalists and mayor. In provincial level, all  education issues are being monitored by the Social Development Ministry.

The principal of the school and teacher’s association have demanded the resignation of the minister.

Th Dalit commission, examination coordination committee, province have demanded the investigation of the incident.


Binod Kumar Rabidas