Sixty Children of Limi Deprived of Typhoid Vaccination

  April 21, 2022 By: INSEC

Sixty children of Namkha Rural Municipality-6 have been deprived of Typhoid vaccination.

Initially it was stated that 1,110 children would be vaccinated against typhoid however, 60 were still deprived of it, lamented a local, Mikmar Tamang.

The government of Nepal had said that the children of the country would be vaccinated against typhoid from April 8. However, the children of Limi have not been able to get the vaccine till April 21.

A total of 1,060 children above the age of 15 months and under the age of 15 from Namkha Rural Municipality ward no. 1 to ward no. 5 have already been vaccinated, said Namkha Rural Municipality’s Health Branch Coordinator Gyacho Lama. According to him, vaccination has been conducted in other schools and health vaccination centres but could not be launched in Limi yet.

Coordinator Lama further said, “The vaccination campaign has been affected due to the freezing of Nara and Nyalu lakes.

Nanda Singh