Shortages of Medicine in governmental health organizations

  October 24, 2016 By: INSEC

There have been acute shortages in medicine in district government health organizations according to Dr Bhaskar Humagain of District Hospital.

The health organizations of the district are having shortages in Acilic, Digine, Brufin and Citamol which are of high demand. Dr Humagain said that more than 40 types of medicine are in shortage in the district hospital. According to him, the patients are compelled to buy all those medicine from other pharmacies.

Store chief Moha Raj Sapkota of Palpa District Health Office said that the stock of the medicine has finished which was sent by the regional medical store.

The tender has been announced through public health office for purchase of medicine however the process is long according to Sapkota.

According to the Health Ministry, 70 types of medicine from District Hospital, 58 from Primary Health Center and 35 from Health Posts are distributed free as per the provision.


Yagya Murti Timilsina