Shortages of medicine and health personnel in health post

  September 15, 2016 By: INSEC

There have been acute shortages of medicine in health posts of the district. The shortage was due to the failing on delivery of medicine in first quarter. Patients are compelled to buy free medicine from medical shops due to the shortages according to Health Post in charge Jasi Ram Sahani of Kotila Health Post.

He said that there are shortages in even a normal medicines like zinc capsule, Jeevanjal, saline water and stretchers.

Similarly, there is a shortages in health personnel as well due to the vacant posts. Pregnant women and children are facing difficulties due to this. In charge Sahani said that only three health professionals are working in the health posts.

There have been shortages in stretchers in all nine VDC. Pregnant women and patients with emergency are facing difficulties due to the lack of stretcher. According to the data of health posts, 50/60 patients come to the hospital in daily basis.

Nepal government have announced to provide 70 types of medicine in District Health Office and 35 types of medicine in Health Posts however it has not been implemented yet.


Padam Singh