Shortage of Medicines in Health Institutes Pose Challenges to Patients

  June 3, 2024 By: INSEC

The shortage of medicines in health institutions of Dilashaini Rural Municipality has caused significant challenges for patients. Bimala Bohora, a resident of Dilashaini Rural Municipality-1, expressed that the lack of medicines, which are supposed to be provided for free by the health institutions, has caused difficulties for the patients. She added that those who come to the health institutions are forced to return empty handed because even basic medicines like paracetamol are in shortage.


Additionally, there has been a shortage of medicines in most health institutions of Dilashaini Rural Municipality. Durga Dhami, a resident of Dilashaini Rural Municipality-5 and a member of the Village Executive, said that the patients have been facing this  problem for the past two months.

Similarly, Purusottam Nath, the Health Coordinator of the Rural Municipality, stated the prolonged absence of a Chief Administrative Officer, has resulted in this shortage of free medicines as there is delay in the procurement process. Moreover, the Rural Municipality has been urged to address this issue promptly.

Likewise, Santosh Prakash Joshi, Chairperson of the Rural Municipality, assured that the problem would be resolved within a few days as the procurement process of the medicines has been expedited.

Nari Badu