Shortage of Medicine in Health Organization Affects Patients

  September 3, 2016 By: INSEC

There has been a shortage in life saving medicine in health organisation of Dolpa District. Out of 23 VDC, 14 health posts, nine primary health center, four maternity house and one district hospital are facing shortages in medicine.

In these health organisations, essential medicine such as Cotrim, Vitamin A, Tablet Zinc, Jeevanjal, Injection, Depoprovera, Pills, Tincher and many other are in shortage.

AHW Ananta Chaudhary of Tripurakot Health Post said that these medicines are in shortage since 15 days and when demanded from District Health Office, they said that they do not have enough stock.

Patients are facing difficulties in treatment after the shortage in medicine. The government has provided maternity allowances however due to the lack of medicine patients are not able to enjoy the service.

Dr Shrekant Agrawal of District Hospital of Dolpa said that there has been shortage of medicine since two weeks and medical store in Surkhet has already been informed to send medicine as soon as possible.

Bishnu Prasad Devkota