Shortage of Free Medicines in Hospital Compelled Patients to Buy from Private Medicine Shops

  June 13, 2024 By: INSEC

Patients at Pashupati Chaulagain Memorial Hospital in Charikot, Bagmati are compelled to buy medicine on their own after a shortage of medicine in the hospital. The patients have expressed that the hospital charges a registration fee of Rs 25 along with additional costs for treatment from those seeking medical care. The hospital has a capacity of 50 beds, including a seven-bed OPD.

Bhim Rokaha of Tamakoshi Rural Municipality-5 complained that even the free medicines prescribed by the government had to be purchased from private medicine shops. Rokaha, who visited the hospital to have cotton removed from inside his ear, said that he bought the required materials and medicine from a private dispensary after the recommendation of the hospital.

Similarly, Rajiv Koirala of Melung Rural Municipality-1 mentioned that despite receiving medical services at the hospital, he had to purchase the necessary medicines from a private medical store.

Bharat Pradhan, the Chairperson of the Chaulagain Hospital Management Committee, stated that despite the hospital being under the supervision of Bagmati Province, they do not receive sufficient budget on time. Consequently, they have to charge extra fees. Pradhan added that although there is a provision for free basic health services, they lack timely manpower and budget for free medicines as prescribed by the government. These issues affect hospital operations and lead to complaints from the public.

Uddab Pokharel