Shortage of Drinking Water in Hospital after the Pipeline Collapsed During Road Construction

  June 11, 2022 By: INSEC

Drinking water has been a problem at the District Hospital Khalanga for a week after a drinking water pipe collapsed while a dozer was digging the road during the construction of Khalanga-Jumla road.

The lack of drinking water in the lower Thaple of the district headquarters Khalanga has caused drinking water shortage to the locals, hospitals, educational institutions and government offices.

Patients, students, staff and beneficiaries in the area have been affected due to the crisis of drinking water.

As many as 70 households in the area have been affected due to the lack of water in the area for the past week.

Teachers and students coming to study at Tribhuvan Secondary School, Bheri Gyanodaya Campus have also been affected due to lack of drinking water.

The manager of the district hospital, Nawaraj Kandel, said that the problem of drinking water is being solved by bringing water from a place that takes about half an hour. He further added that drinking water was brought from Upper Thaple or from Kalegaun in vehicles every day as there was no water in the Thaple area.

Similarly, Krishna Bahadur Shah, a local, complained that he had to wash his clothes every day during the summer and he could not take a bath for a week due to lack of water. Shah said that there was an alternative arrangement of drinking water in Tribhuvan Secondary School but the problem has been aggravated after the drinking water tap was demolished during the construction of a new building.

The Secretary of the Comprehensive Drinking Water Consumers Committee Kiran Kumar Bhandari said that the drinking water problem has arisen in the Lower Thaple area for the past one week as the dozer damaged the drinking water pipeline during the construction of the road.

Dinesh Kumar Shrestha