Shortage of Doctors Hampers Healthcare Services at Chautara Hospital, Urgent Recruitment Needed

  December 22, 2023 By: INSEC

The lack of specialist doctors in accordance with the designated posts is hampering service delivery at Chautara Hospital, the largest hospital in the district located in the headquarters. The lack of specialist doctors in critical areas specially like pediatrics and gynecology is causing issues in the hospital, as mentioned by Durga Bajgai, head of the district health office.

Chautara Hospital currently has designations for 12 specialist doctors, consisting three permanent and seven temporary positions, specializing in various subjects. However, only seven individuals, including two permanent and five temporary staff members, are currently employed. Durga Bajgai said that there is a problem in service delivery when five specialist doctors positions are vacant. In addition, the outbreaks of various diseases occur at different times, but the lack of specialist doctors poses challenges in providing services.

The vacancy arose when five specialist doctors left their positions. Chudamani Puri, the information officer of Chautara Hospital, mentioned that the Bagmati Province government should advertise and recruit for these vacancies, but there has been no advertisement for a considerable period.

Despite the government’s approval for only 15 beds in Chautara Hospital, the hospital has been compelled to operate with 37 beds due to the high patient load, as indicated by Tank Bahadur Karki, the Chairperson of Chautara Hospital Management Committee. Up to 150 patients visit daily seeking medical services in Chautara Hospital, However, due to the lack of specialized doctors according to the respective subjects, patients are being referred to hospitals outside the district. In a discussion with the representative of INSEC, Durga Bajgai, the head of the District Health Office, highlighted the need for referrals to hospitals outside the district due to the absence of specialist doctors.

Natibabu Dhital