Shortage of COVID Vaccine in Dohakha: ‘No vaccine in the Centre’ Says the Health Institution

  January 9, 2023 By: INSEC

There has been a shortage of COVID booster vaccines in Dolakha for the past five months, halting the booster vaccination distribution program administered weekly on Fridays.

The virus is spreading rapidly in  China, which borders the northern region of the Dolakha district. Around 9,000 individuals have died of the virus in China, and 10,000,000 individuals are infected with the virus. However, the local government has halted the vaccination distribution program in Dolkha, due to the shortage of vaccines.
Uttam Khanal, Head of Health Office Dolakha, informed that they halted the vaccination distribution last August. He said that since there is a shortage of booster vaccines all over the country. In Dolkha 16 thousand 997 people are yet to receive a booster vaccine.
The Ministry of Health and Population has formally sent a letter to the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization to mitigate the shortage of vaccines for booster doses. The booster dose vaccine will also be available in Dolakha after the Vaccine Division of the Ministry receives it.
In all the nine local levels of the district, 16 thousand 997 people have received the first dose, 16 thousand 44 people have received the second dose, and 33 thousand 41 people have received the third dose. Still, 16 thousand 997 citizens of Dolkhali haven’t received their booster dose vaccination. According to the Health Office Dolakha, around 1,100 doses of the P-Pfizer vaccine stored have expired.
The 950 doses in Dolakha and the 150 doses in Jiri have expired on October 30 and 2022. Corona testing stopped in August 2021 with the decrease in infection rate in Dolakha.


Uddhav Pokhrale