Seven-point Agreement with the family of the deceased in Udaypur, Vote Counting Postponed in Morang, Sunsari and Sakhuwasabha

  May 15, 2022 By: INSEC

According to Udaypur representative Sujata Dhungana, the ballot boxes have been brought to the Katarika Secondary School’s polling station in Katari Municipality-10 Sorungchhabise, three days after the election. Bir Bahadur Katuwal, 19, of Katari Municipality-10, died on the spot when police opened fire for the protection of the ballot boxes. Locals had been protesting by placing the corpse near the polling station. The locals did not allow to pick up the ballot boxes. Chief District Officer Birendra Kumar Yadav told INSEC representative that the victim’s family took the body after reaching a seven-point agreement including compensation to the victim’s family and providing employment to one of the family members. The dead body was brought to Katari Hospital for post-mortem.

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According to Sankhuwasabha representative Bhabin Karki, the counting of votes in Chichila Rural Municipality has been postponed after mid-day on May 14. According to Chichila Rural Municipality’s Election Officer Shanti Prasad Sharma, the counting of votes in Chichila Rural Municipality has been postponed for 24 hours. During the vote-counting there was a dispute between UML and Nepali Congress cadres. UML has accused Congress cadres of beating their cadres Binod Rai and Mohan Darji and Congress blamed UML of beating their cadre Naresh Rai during the dispute. The CPN-UML and the CPN (Maoist) boycotted the counting of votes saying that the ballot papers were scattered and insecure. Action has been demanded against those involved in rigging and beating in the counting of votes. UML and CPN (Maoist) have jointly issued a statement demanding action. Election Office Sharma said that no conclusion was reached till 3 pm of May 15. Election Officer Shanti Prasad Sharma told INSEC representatives that a conclusion could not be reached despite discussions. Counting of votes in Chichila Rural Municipality-1 and 2 has been completed.


According to Morang representative Binod Subedi, Rabindra Baral, a member of the Morang branch of the Federation of Nepali Journalists and a correspondent of Avenues Television was mistreated by the Nepali Congress cadres in Rangeli Municipality on the night of April 13 while updating the vote count. Journalist Baral has accused Rupesh Yadav, 38, of Rangeli Municipality-4 and Rupesh Yadav, 40, of Rangeli Municipality-6 of abusing him after he was updating the vote count on television. The Federation of Nepali Journalists (FNJ) Morang branch issued a statement on May 15 demanding action against them. The 1998 Declaration on the Protection of Human Rights defines a journalist as a human rights defender. The counting, which was postponed from 8 pm on May 14, has not started till the evening of May 15. The counting of ballot boxes in Rangeli Municipality-8 has been halted after the Nepali Congress, Maoist Centre and People’s Socialist Party protested that the seal of the ballot box had been broken.


According to Sunsari representative Jayakrishna Yadav, counting of votes has been postponed due to dispute in Barakhshetra municipality. The counting of votes has been postponed due to dispute after 1,700 votes were counted in Barakhshetra Municipality-1 on May 15 at 1 pm. There was a controversy after the voters demanded that the votes be stamped with the swastika on the hammer and sickle symbol in place of the key sign should be counted in the name of the candidate of the Allaince Party i. Ramesh Karki of the Nepali Congress and Amit Gautam of the CPN-Maoist have been nominated for the post of Mayor and Deputy Mayor respectively through the alliance. The counting of votes has been postponed due to the demand that the votes should be counted in the name of the alliance as the voters have also stamped the hammer and sickle on the ballot paper. According to the Office of the Election Officer, discussions will be held between the two sides to resolve the dispute. Chief District Officer Indradev Yadav said that discussions were being held for reaching and solution to the misunderstanding between the parties. Chief District Officer Yadav has said that recount of votes will start after the dispute is resolved.

INSEC Province 1 Office, Biratnagar