Benificiaries Uncomfortable with the Village Office Located at the Headquarter

  December 20, 2022 By: INSEC

Namkha Rural Municipality office has been placed in the headquarters of Simkot, which has made the service users uncomfortable. After the local level elections of 2018, the residents of Namkha rural municipality had to suffer when the rural municipality office was placed at the headquarters of Simkot.

The local Dawa Chhiring Tamang has complained that the people’s representative has placed the office of the rural municipality at the headquarters of Simkot for their own convenience without thinking of convenience for the local service users. According to the local Tamang, the benefited employees and public representatives have opened a contact office in the headquarters for their ease and convenience, and the locals are said to be uncomfortable.

The residents of Namkha Rural Municipality have to walk for two to three days to reach the headquarters Simkot and get the services from the rural municipality. Tamang says that sometimes it takes three days to reach Simkot, but he is forced to return to the village if he does not find the people’s representatives and employees in the office.

He said that currently the service users have to go to the head office to recommend the plan, make an agreement, and receive payment which has caused them to suffer materially and financially.

Due to various problems, the local residents of Namkha rural municipality have demanded that the office of the municipality should be shifted to Yalwang on 18th December, 2022.

Pema Damdul Lama of Namkha Rural Municipality-4 has demanded immediate closure of the contact office at the headquarter. The customer has said that the office will not be moved to the local level but will be requested by the higher authorities

Locals say that, even though Singh Durbar has reached villages, the problems of us locals remain the same. The system has changed but the situation has not.

Despite the request of the service recipient, Prem Lama, the Chairperson of the rural municipality, responded that the contact office in Simkot could not be moved immediately due to constraints and circumstances.



Nanda Singh