Service Recipients in Distress as Area Administration Office,Sarkhegad Remains Closed for Over a Month and a Half

  September 22, 2023 By: INSEC

The closure of the Area Administration Office in Sarkegad Rural Municipality for one and a half months has posed significant challenges for service holders.

The citizens of Tajakot, Aadanchuli, Sarkegad and Chankeli Rural Municipality are compelled to return without their works being done due to the unavailability of the workers.

The absence of staff in the office has adversely impacted the service holders, as the citizens have not been able to get their citizenship since August 1.

Bhakta Kulal, Adanchuli rural municipality-2, complained that they had to return empty handed because they could not make their sister-in-law’s citizenship. Despite walking for approximately nine hours from Tum village to reach Sarkegad, the beneficiaries had to endure hardships due to the absence of staff at the local administration office.

He stated that, It costs at least two to three thousand to reach the Area administration office from the village.However, the shortage of staff is a result of the negligence of relevant authorities. Because of which, one has to return home without even getting citizenship.

It takes three days to reach the Simkot headquarters just to get citizenship. The road destroyed by landslides is not smooth. Even with the Area administration as an option, there is still no work available. He expressed his frustration expressing the need for bringing another recommendation from Simkot even though he already has a recommendation from the Rural Municipality for his citizenship.

Kesh Bahadur Rokaya of Tajankot rural municipality-3 Maspur has expressed his sorrow of returning home without making citizenship after reaching Sarkegad.When he went to Sarkigad to get citizenship from the Area Administration Office, the office was closed. He incurred expenses, but he still couldn’t obtain citizenship, which left him frustrated.

Bhim Bahadur Rokaya, the Chief of the Area Administration Office, Sarkegad has been working as a coordination officer in the  District Coordination Committee in Simkot, the headquarters after his  term ended on August 1.

When the matter was discussed with Chief District Officer Srinath Paudel, he told that Amrit Prasad Subedi, Assistant Chief District Officer was assigned to the area administration office.However, he returned to the district after visiting the local administration office only between August 18 and August 24.In this regard, the Chief District Officer Paudel has stated that employees will be hired soon and services will be provided to recipients.

Nanda Singh