Service affected due to the absence of VDC Secretary

  October 25, 2016 By: INSEC

The locals at Shrenagar, Jair, Madana, Kalika, Darma, Shremastha, Mimi, Rodikot, Gothi and Sanya VDC of Humla District Complained that they could not receive services regarding citizenship certificate due to the lack of VDC secretary in those VDCs.

Local Barsha Pal said that they were deprived of getting services from VDCs since two months as there are no VDC secretaries. It is mandatory to have secretary’s signature to get citizenship certificate. This has hampered the daily work of the service takers in this area.

The locals were not able to go to Tibet for business because of not having citizenship certificate according to local Santosh Sunar. They are deprived of social security allowances and border pass as they do not have a citizenship certificate according to local Bharat Singh.

In Area Administration Office of Sarkeghat, there are more than 40 service takers coming for citizenship certificate in a daily basis. The office chief in Area Administration Office is also absent for a long time which has hampered the service according to CDO Krishna Bahadur Kunwar.

The Local Development Officer Bal Dev Prasad Joshi said that VDC secretaries will be given pressure to return back to their job.


Nanda Singh