Service Affected in COVID Hospital Due to Lack of Human Resource

  June 14, 2021 By: INSEC

The health service has been affected in the Covid-19 hospital of Udaypur due to a lack of manpower. The hospital was brought into operation by converting the district hospital during the surge of Covid-19.


Tej Bahadur Pokharel, co-coordinator of the Health Branch of the Municipality, said that the health equipment of the hospital was installed with the investment of NRs. 30.16 million. The budget was allocated by the federal and provincial government.

Pokharel said that the service was affected as the 66-beds Covid Hospital was being operated on with only one specialist doctor due to lack of manpower.


Administratively, the district hospital is in category A butut the service is weak. The district hospital has 59 posts including 11 (joint secretary) level chief consultants, nine specialist doctors, four medical officers and other technicians and staffs.

Chief District Officer Tulsiram Sedhai said that the hospital was not functioning as required due to the lack of manpower. Despite having necessary medical equipment installed in the hospital as per the decision of the federal and the provincial government, the lack of skilled manpower halted the service.


Sedhai added that the problem of lack of manpower has not been solved despite repeated decisions to operate the ventilator of the district hospital and to operate the Covid Hospital smoothly.

Bharat Khadka