Series of explosions brings fear among voters

  May 13, 2017 By: INSEC

The voters at Khandachakra Municipality and Palata village council were terrorized after a series of bomb explosion incident.

Nepali Congress candidate Keshar Singh Bom said that a bomb was exploded in various places including Thirpu Dhaulagaha of Palata Village council.

Police said that the bomb was exploded to terrorize the locals and no one has been charged yet.

There is a bomb explosion in Khadachakra municipality-8, Dashlama according to ward candidate Adichandra Chaulagain of CPN UML.

Prior to this incident, on March 5, bullet was fired on his house by an unidentified group. DSP Yogendra Khadka of DPO said that cadres of Nepal Communist Party might be involved behnd the incident. Police said that the security will be tightened more after the incident.


Kali Bahadur Malla