Sentence for One Year Three Months on Charge of Attempted rape

  August 16, 2016 By: INSEC

The District Court of Udayapur has ordered to sentence 14-year-old boy for one year and three months on charge of attempting to rape an 18 years old girl however his sentence has been postponed as the accused is under aged.

The verdict was given by a single bench of judge Mahendra Bahadur Karki. Along with court verdict, his sentence will be added if he is found guilty in future said Shretedar Rit Bahadur Magar of district court. He also said that if he do not repeat such crime, he do not have to do a jail term.

The accused had attempted to rape a girl on March 29 and he was arrested by the police on April 4 after the victim lodged a complaint at police against him.

The boy who was under police supervision was handed over to his parents on April 19 as per court decision. The victim underwent a health check up a on April 4 at district hospital.

Bharat Khadka