Senior Citizens Sought INSEC’s Assistance for Social Security Allowance

  December 15, 2020 By: INSEC

After the Bishrampur rural municipality office did not distribute the social security allowance in October / November for the current fiscal year, the senior citizens have sought the help of INSEC.

Stating that they have not received the amount to be distributed in the first four months, the senior citizens have requested the Informal Sector Service Centre (INSEC) Bara District Representative Bholanath Poudel to take initiative for help.

After receiving the request, Poudel had a discussion with Hridaya Narayan Prasad Yadav, Ward Chairman of Bishrampur Rural Municipality-1, Rupesh Yadav, Field Assistant of Registration Branch, Sunil Prasad Keshari, Chief Administrative Officer and Amirilal Raut Bhedihar.

During the discussion, Ward Chairman Yadav said that the distribution would take place within November/December. “As the ward office used to distribute cash to the senior citizens from door to door, from the first four months of the current fiscal year, it will be distributed within a week even if it is delayed while preparing for the online service,” he added.

Ward Chairman Yadav said that social security allowance would be distributed from the NMB Bank branch adjacent to the rural municipality office.

Rupesh Yadav, the field assistant of the registration branch, said that the social security allowance could not be distributed in November due to COVID-19.

He also said that he could not work on time as the office of the rural municipality did not provide a working room, computer, and other materials to fulfill the responsibility given by the registration department.

Chief Administrative Officer Sunil Prasad Keshari said that the distribution will take place as soon as it is submitted by the Accounts Branch.

Although it was stopped due to the Chief Accountant’s leave, it will be distributed after the Chief Accountant returns from leave, said village chairman Amirilal Raut Bhedihar.

Shiva Prasad Mukhiya Bin, 76, of Chhatwa Chowki Tol of the same village said that he has not received the social security allowance for the first four months of the fiscal year 2077/078 BS.

Nanda Thakur, 76, of the same toll said that he was not allowed to wear clothes during the Chard festival. Devakaliya Loharin, 70, of the same team said that she could not take the medicine as per the doctor’s advice due to health problems.

INSEC Province 2 Office, Janakpur