Senior Citizens Deprived of The Right To Health

  June 5, 2023 By: INSEC

Senior citizens are deprived of the service and treatment they get from the hospital in District Hospital.

According to the Senior Citizen Healthcare Service Program implementation guide, 2004, the government has arranged special hospital discounts for senior citizens. However, senior citizens are deprived of the services they are meant to get from the district hospital.

Debidas Rawal,78, Chhayanath Rara Municipality-4 said Panti Panchakala Rokaya,68, was not provided any discount during her visit to went to the District Hospital, Thinion May 29.

Dharma Devi Dham, Chayanaath Rara Municipality-4, complained that the Senior citizens of Mugu are denied free services in the hospital. reaching the hospital. The citizens of Mugu, including herself having a low economic status, have lost thousands of rupees for their basic health treatment.

Itol Lama,75, Mugu Karmarong-7 said that it took them a whole day to reach the hospital due to rheumatism and asthma. She was unaware of bringing the required paper documents for treatment.

The service consumers complained that they have to stand in queue for a ticket, and the hospital management is not paying attention to ensuring elder citizen-friendly or disability-friendly arrangements in this matter.

District Hospital Mugu has received two types of budgets for senior citizens and marginalized groups. Dr. Kamal Dhungana said that senior citizens of 60 to 69 years are given a 50% discount based on their ID card, 70 to 79 years old citizens get 75%, and citizens of 80+ age are provided with a 100% discount.

He claimed that some senior citizens do not get the services because they do not bring the necessary documents to the hospital.

 Jiwan Sejuwal