Senior Citizens and Disabled Individuals Deprived of Health Insurance Services

  July 27, 2023 By: INSEC

Despite the rural municipality offering free health insurance by completing the required forms for senior citizens aged 65 to 70, single women, and individuals with disabilities under category ‘A’, they were deprived of the insurance services because the municipality did not provide the necessary insurance amount.

This year, more than seven hundred senior citizens in the area have been affected due to the lack of health insurance services according to the local resident, Chyangba Ghale.

When the budget arrangement was neglected by Amachhodingmo Rural Municipality, many citizens were deprived of health insurance services this year.

In Amachhodingmo Rural Municipality, health insurance has been provided to only 160 senior citizens and 10 families in the general category. The total number of individuals insured by the rural municipality this year is 210.

Local resident, Phurpu Tamang conveyed that there is no insurance coverage even for women health volunteers and disabled individuals.

Nima Tamang, the head of the Health Department in Amachhodingmo Rural Municipality, mentioned that the five registered insurance helpers would receive only 10% of the benefits, leading them to abstain from work as the expenses wouldn’t cover remote areas. Currently, the rural municipality has allocated the budget for this year to mobilize health volunteers in the villages and provide guidance to the village.

The head of the Health Department, Tamang informed that despite not being able to get health insurance last year, a budget of 2 lakh rupees has been allocated for this year and the upcoming year to raise awareness about health insurance.

Hemnath Khatiwoda