School Faces Drinking Water Shortage Impacting Teachers and Students.

  November 27, 2023 By: INSEC

Lamalekh Primary School, situated in Chankheli Rural Municipality-6, Masidhara, Southern Region, is currently experiencing a shortage of drinking water, adversely affecting both teachers and students.

Principal Radhika Shahi expressed her concern, stating that there has been a lack of interest in providing water supply for the school which was established in 2008.

Principal Shahi highlighted that due to the absence of drinking water for the school community, individuals are compelled to dedicate an hour traveling to the spring for water access.

Tej Bahadur Budha, a parent of one of the students, expressed concern over the impact on students’ studies due to the shortage of drinking water in the school.

Pradeep Shahi, the Chairperson of the school management committee, conveyed that despite previous requests to various concerned authorities for addressing the school’s challenges, there has been a lack of interest or response.The school facilitates education for students ranging from early childhood to class 3. He mentioned that despite their request to the Chankheli Rural Municipality for assistance with the drinking water issue, there has been no response.

School Principal Shahi complained that 70 children and four teachers are facing water shortage problems in that school due to lack of water supply.The scarcity of water has also led to challenges in maintaining adequate sanitation in the toilets.

Upon being informed about the issue, Parilal Shahi, Chairperson of Chankheli Rural Municipality stated that a comprehensive water supply plan is currently under development, assuring that the problem will be addressed through this initiative.

Nanda Singh