School Building Damaged Due to Earthquake, Awaiting Reconstruction

  March 19, 2023 By: INSEC

The school building of Tiru Basic School, located in Uttargaya Rural Municipality-1, Tirugaon, was damaged due to the earthquake in 2015. The building has not been reconstructed yet.

According to Pohariprasad Bhattari, the principal of the school, there are 56 students enrolled in the school, among which 46 students regularly attend the school, and four teachers in the school.

Bhattarai said that because of the dilapidated condition of the school building, all the students are compelled to study in one classroom at a nearby temporary learning center.

Principal Bhattarai informed that after the learning center was demolished the students were accommodated and taught at a nearby integrated settlement. He said that the temporary learning center was demolished to construct a building, under the President’s Educational Reform Program. There were delays in the construction due to the lack of excavators and workers to build the foundation on time.

There are 131 households in Tiru village. Those displaced due o the earthquake have started to return. Settlements that were destroyed due to the earthquake have been built into integrated settlements. Before this, many of the displaced individuals left the village and settled in Battar and Bogtitargayat in Nuwakot.

However, Sheila Tamang, a teacher at the school, informed the INSEC representative that the construction of the school building is impeding the children’s education.

According to Lakpa Tamang, a parent, the quality of education degrades when all the school students’ rooms are taught in one classroom.

Suku Tamang, a teacher at Tiru Basic School, says that the construction of the school building in the whole village was delayed. According to Tamang, neither the settlement could be relocated nor the school relocated. This leaves the future of the student in doubt.

Similarly, schools in Mailung and Gogane, which were affected by the earthquake, are facing problems due to delays in reconstruction said Asha Lama of Gogane, a local.

Hemnath Khatiwada