School Assigned As Polling Station by Nepali Congress

  November 23, 2021 By: INSEC

In the 14th District Convention of the Nepali Congress Dhading, Nilkantha Secondary School has been assigned as the polling station for Dhading’s House of Representative’s Constituency number 2 and Provincial Constituency.

The school was closed on November 23 for the election of the House of Representative’s Constituency number 2 and provincial constituencies A and B under it.

The principal of the school, Dhruba Adhikari, said that it was a coincidence that the teachers had to prepare the results of the first term examination of the school and it was like a school holiday since the students were not coming to the school.

Despite the commitment of not conducting political activities in the school, the Nepali Congress placed a program at Nilkantha Secondary School which is in the district headquarters.

Sitaram Adhikari