Scarcity of ORS at Health Posts in Patarasi

  July 3, 2022 By: INSEC

The health post of Patarasi in Jumla district has been experiencing a scarcity of Oral Rehydration Salts (ORS). There has been a scarcity of ORS from the last month after which the beneficiaries face problems.

Monsoon is the season of various water-borne diseases. Mun Maya Bohora, a local, says, the monsoon impacts the quality of drinking water and the consumption of impure water leads to cholera, diarrhoea and dysentery. She added, ‘During cholera and dysentery, ORS is a must but the health post is scarce of it.’

As per Senior Auxiliary Nurse Midwife, Kema Lama Rawal, the stock of ORS finished before a month and we have claimed it with the health branch of the Rural Municipality. The need has not been fulfilled and we have not been able to fulfil the needs of the beneficiaries.


Rawal further adds that around 10 to 12 patients visit health posts regularly complaining of suffering from water-borne diseases. However, the scarcity of ORS is creating problems. The machines that measure the vitals of the patients are also not operating in the health post. Pregnant women come to the health post for check-ups. Their body weight and blood pressure also have to be measured but there is a problem due to lack of equipment.

According to Patarasi Rural Municipality’s Chairperson Purna Singh Bohara, we have asked the head of the health department to resolve the issues of medicines and equipments in the health institution. He said that the local level election has just been completed and we have allocated the budget for the new fiscal year. If there is a shortage of ORS and first aid then we will address it immediately.

Mandatta Rawal