Scarcity of Medicines in Humla

  November 12, 2021 By: INSEC

Patients visiting Lali Health Post of Kharpunath Rural Municipality-1 are facing difficulty in treatment due to the scarcity of medicines.

Birjan Shahi, a local resident shared that the health post has been sending back the patients stating the lack of medicines.

According to Baliraj Shahi, Coordinator of the Rural Municipality’s Health Department, there has been an increase in the number of patients suffering from seasonal flu and around 15 to 20 people visit the health post to receive treatment for fever and headache but the health post has to send them back due to the crisis of medicines.

Magusingh Buda, Chairperson of Kharpunath Rural Municipality-1 said patients of the locality are going through problems after the stock of medicines provided by the Health Department to the health post was over.

He lamented, ‘I am an arthritis patient and have to visit Simkot, the headquarter, for treatment. Most of the senior citizens and children of the village are sick, however, medicines aren’t available.’

Chairperson of Kharpunath Rural Municipality Karna Rawal said that the medicine could not be sent to the health post due to lack of medicines.

Budha further added, the process of purchasing medicines is underway and they will be sent to health institutions as soon as they arrive in the district.

Nanda Singh