Scarcity of Drinking Water in Jumla ‘Rara’

  December 25, 2022 By: INSEC

Tila Rural Municipality-1 of Jumla is affected by the scarcity of drinking water. The scarcity is triggered by the 43-year-old weak Dumkali drinking water plan and drying of the water source. Villagers are facing dispute due to the scarcity of drinking water.

There is Jumla road of Karnali highway below the Rara village and Tila river is flowing under the road. However, the water flowing in the river isn’t drinkable. There are enough land around Rara village, but, fertile lands are crop less due to the scarcity of water.

Fields around the house are barren and people are compelled to rely on imported vegetables and foods.String at the flowing river, Dhanraj Rawat, a local stated, ‘Lands are fertile but dry, water in the river is being wasted.’

Many children miss the school only to fill the water.Students of this village are more concerned about the availability of drinking water at home than being stressed about their school assignments.

Local Nanda Bahadur inormed, every day, two-three people fight.Information about significance of hygiene in women and children were raised by the Government and non-government representatives of the village but none raised the concern of the scarcity of the drinking water that the village has been experiencing for three decades now. Problem of cleanliness is mostly experienced by the menstruating women, senior citizens and children.Another local, dantakala Budha informed that the Rara village has become a dessert.

Water flows only for two hours in the Char dhara of the village. There is a tank of 10 thousand liters. As per the national census of 2021, there are 268 households and 1,626 people in the Rara village. There is no water source in Rara area. Rara is the settlement with one village and one ward.

As per Jangbahadur Basnet, ward chairperson of Tila Rural Municipality-1, federal drinking project has promised to solve this issue in the running fiscal year. Due to the lack of forests in the Rara village, there is no water source. He informed that the only available option for them is to bring water from the neighbouring ward. Comprehensive drinking water project for this water is in the making. Since the federal drinking water project is responsible for a portion of budget, the project is yet to complete.

Because of this project, rural municipality hasn’t prepared separate drinking water project for Rara village. Ward Chairperson Basnet informed that the federal drinking water project has assured that they will build the project. Locals of Rara village are disappointed by the fact that the problem of drinking water hasn’t been solved even after six years of formation of the local government.


Manadutta Rawal