Salt on government Grant sold in high price

  January 24, 2019 By: INSEC

The salt supplied in a government grant is being sold in double the standard price in the district. The stakeholders while monitoring the market have found that small and big vendors of the district are selling the salt in double price.

The vendors of Jumla are purchasing the salt from Salt Trading Corporation in a government grant of Rs nine per Kg and selling it on Rs 20 per KG.

According to the chief Khagendra Malla of Nepal Salt trading corporation of Jumla, local vendors are not selling the salt in grant price. He added that if they are found to be cheating, they will be charge under the law.

Similarly, in Humla district same problem is prevailing in the market. Locals of Sarkegad Rural municipality are compelled to pay Rs 70 for one Kg of salt. The Sarkegad depot is selling salt in Rs 10/ Kg however at present there is a shortage in salt. The locals are deprived of consuming salt due to this shortage.

At present, all eight wards under the Sarkegad Rural municipality are compelle to pay Rs 70 for one Kg of salt according to Krishna Shahi of the Rural Municipality.


Mandatta Rawal/Nanda Singh