Rural Municipality chair smeared with black soot

  June 30, 2018 By: INSEC

The cadres of Netra Bikram Chand led Nepal Communist Party  had misbehaved 40 years old chairperson Karna Bahadur Kathayat of the same Rural Municipality by smearing black soot in his face on June 29. He was misbehaved in his office premises.

He was misbehaved while coming out from the meeting hall and was alleged of being corrupted by the cadres according to the eye witnesses.

The situation was bit tensed after the incident according to Vice-president Bhagwati Bohara of the Rural Municipality.

According to the eye witnesses, a group of about 8-9 people had smeared a soot into the face of chairperson. He was alleged of being corrupted and involved in anomalies by the cadres.

Police were deployed in the site after getting the information according to assistant CDO Tek Singh Kunwar.


Ramesh KC