Routine Health Check-ups for Inmates Hampered Due To Shortage of Health Workers

  November 30, 2023 By: INSEC

The prolonged vacancy of the health worker position at Chautara Jail has posed significant health challenges for the inmates. The health problems of prisoners have not been promptly addressed due to the shortage of health workers, due to seasonal epidemics and the overcapacity of the prison.

Jail Chief Rohit Tamang noted that while there have been improvements in the physical structure of Chautara prison based on suggestions from repeated monitoring,the lack of health workers remains a challenge for conducting regular health checks on prisoners. During the joint prison inspection on November 28, conducted by the National Human Rights Commission, Bagmati Province Office representatives, and INSEC, inmates at Chautara Jail expressed concerns about their health problems arising from the absence of regular health check-ups.

Prisoners also requested the presence of health workers within the prison to address issues like the need to transport inmates to Chautara Hospital when they fall ill, waiting for their turn at the hospital, and security constraints allowing only three people to be taken to the hospital at a time.

The men’s detention center at Chautara prison was demolished by the 2015 earthquake and remains unreconstructed. Originally designed for five women, Chautara Jail now accommodates 112 individuals, comprising 79 inmates and 33 detainees. Jailer Anil Budhathoki said that women prisoners are sent to different prisons in other districts.

Bhim Bahadur Basnet stated that, after he took charge of the watchman in the prison, two showers with the help of the prison office were installed. In addition, various skill-related programs were implemented, alongside daily yoga and meditation classes, all aimed at providing psychological counseling to the prisoners. Furthermore, contact and coordination are being established with the prison administration to facilitate regular health check-ups for inmates inside the jail. He said that he believed that health workers would be arranged soon.

An article under the title ‘Problem in Chautara Jail after holding more prisoners than capacity’ was published by INSEC Online on October 2, 2023.

The publication of the news revealed that two showers have been built in Chautara prison, and the space for weaving skillful hats ,carpets, and looms has been expanded.

Natibabu Dhital