Rights Activists Alert the Government for Assurance of Republican System

  May 30, 2023 By: INSEC

Demanding to ensure the institutional development of the republic, Rights activists of Pokhara held a demonstration, on May 29, 2023, alerting the government to ensure the systemic development of the republican system

Organized by the Civil Society Network for Peace in Pokhara, the participants of the program at Shahidchowk displayed posters with slogans such as ‘Let’s develop the institution of the republican system of governance’, ‘We all desire rule of law and end of impunity,’.

Speaking at the event, Human Rights Leader, Teknath Baral expressed his concern that civil society had a significant role in the success of the People’s Movement 2006, however, they have not been able to get the expected result of the movement. The victims of atrocities in the movement are still awaiting justice. Furthermore, the government is ruining the values of the republican system of governance through its actions of providing amnesty to individuals guilty of heinous crimes and human rights violations.

Bina Silwal, the Coordinator of the Network, said that the government is not accountable to the citizens. Instances of cost of living and acts of corruption are increasing day by day in the country. Republican Day is being celebrated amid complaints of inadequate governance.

Shiv Khakurel, Coordinator of Informal Sector Service Center (INSEC) Gandaki, said the actions such as giving amnesty to people found guilty by courts at all three levels of court, and the involvement of high-ranking people in the government in sending Nepalese citizens to the United States as fake Bhutanese refugees, has added despair of the citizens.

Shekhar Gautam, Chairman of the Armed Conflict Martyrs’ Family and Injured Coordination Committee, Kaski, said that the party’s involvement in providing amnesty to the criminals is an attack on democracy and the republic.

Ram Prasad Subedi, the central president of the Federation of Non-Governmental Organizations, said that even after a decade and a half of the establishment of the Republican system, citizens have not been able to realize it. He says that the rights of citizens are shrinking and the values of the republican system are in danger.

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Narayan Chettri