Residents Staged Sit-in Protest Over Seven Months Water Deprivation

  June 24, 2024 By: INSEC

Residents of Shanti Tole, Simkot Rural Municipality-6, staged a sit-in protest at the Ministry of Energy, Water Resources and Irrigation Office on June 23 over the issue of being deprived of drinking water for seven months.

Around 12 women of Shanti Tole have been compelled to stage a sit-in protest demanding proper management of the water supply due to the lack of drinking water. The protest was led by resident Jamuna Lama. Lama alleged that despite seven months having passed, the concerned authorities have not paid any attention to this matter. The residents have been deprived of drinking water since last December.

Lama added that despite their repeated requests to the Simkot Rural Municipality, they were compelled to visit the Ministry of Energy, Water Resources, and Irrigation regarding this issue because the Rural Municipality did not act upon this issue.

Similarly, Garmu Singh, another local, complained that around 60 households in Shanti Tole had been deprived of drinking water. He mentioned that they have to travel for an hour to fetch water from upper Simkot. According to Lama, they are facing significant difficulties because the drinking water consumer committee gave the pipeline that was already being used by their Rural Municipality to another village.

Karna Bhandari, the Chairperson of the Water Consumer Committee, stated that they could provide drinking water by arranging a new line if the consumers arrange a pipe. He mentioned that there was an issue because the previous pipeline was not close to the village. Similarly, Chairperson Bijay Bhandari of Simkot Rural Municipality stated that instruction to manage the pipe has been made under the leadership of Shusila Rokaya Bham, the Vice Chairperson of the Rural Municipality.

Chief Nwan Namgel Lama of the Ministry of Water, Irrigation, and Energy Development Office stated that they will make necessary efforts to arrange water pipes.


Nanda Singh