Renovation Of Children’s Home and ancient auditorium

  December 22, 2023 By: INSEC

Rebuilding efforts are underway for the assembly hall in Dhunche, Rasuwa, which suffered destruction during the devastating earthquake of April 2015. The hall, a significant structure in Gosainkunda Rural Municipality-6, is expected to be completed in a modern style by the end of June 2024, marking eight years since its earthquake-induced damage. The district coordination committee is overseeing the initiative, with a budget of Rs. 2,90,00,000 allocated for the reconstruction.

JB Construction Pvt Ltd has been entrusted with the task of rebuilding the auditorium, which previously served as a model for the district, hosting various meetings and ceremonies. It was also a popular venue for village weddings.

Local resident Sunurpu Tamang expresses joy at the prospect of the meeting hall’s reconstruction. The Dhading District Coordination Committee, under the federal government, has initiated the tendering process for a comprehensive urban development and building construction project to restore structures affected by the earthquake, according to Ashok Ghimire, the chief of the District Coordination Committee.

After eight years of being non-functional, the district’s hall for public functions, meetings, and gatherings is being reconstructed in a modern style, departing from traditional art. Dhunche’s hall, once a venue for social rituals and cultural gatherings, was destroyed during the earthquake in 2015. Originally built in 1975 in traditional artistic style, the hall featured designs crafted by sculptors from Patan.

Hemnath Khatiwada