Remanded in custody since decade

  October 13, 2016 By: INSEC

Normally, court decides cases with in two years however in Mahottari district, three brothers are still remanded in custody for almost a decade.

Three brothers Ramananda Yadav, Ram Dular Yadav and Birendra Yadav from Sunderpur-9 were arrested by the police  and remanded in custody as per the court verdict on charge of murdering Bishwendra Mandal of same place in 2007 over a dispute.

They had to remain in custody due to the court not able to decide the case on time.

The brothers complained that they do not know why court is not being able to decide their case on time.

However, the district court is claiming that the slowness in a process for its decision is due to the build up of other incidents over the period.

In 2011, May 19 the cabinet ministry had even decided to take back the case when it was in its last phase for decision. Since then the case remained pending for nine years according to the court.


Ajaya Kumar Shah