Relief Provided to Needy Families in Coordination with Human Rights Group

  July 1, 2022 By: INSEC

The Human Rights Group Bandganga formed by INSEC has provided relief materials to Ghaughi Tharu, 61, of Bandganga Municipality-11, Southern Chetiya in coordination with Bandganga Municipality.

The chairperson of the group, Indira Shrestha informed that the relief package includes groceries, household supplies, vegetables, fruits and clothes.

The human rights group’s chairperson had coordinated with Kapilbastu Chamber of Commerce, Bandganga Municipality’s Agriculture Department’s Chief Lesbahadur K.C, Women Children and Senior Citizen’s chief Sushila Pantha, Bhagwati Sharma Acharya, Harina Gaha, Santosh Bhusal and Kuber Hamal for the relief.

The group’s chairperson Panth and INSEC district representative purchased clothes and food items and handed them over to the victim’s family.

Tharu belongs to a very needy family and she cannot speak, get up and hear. She had been sleeping in a bed without a mattress for the past nine months.

Seven of her children, aged between one and 13, are deprived of education due to chronic financial conditions.

Jag Bahadur Tharu, a member of the Locality Development Organization, said that she has been earning her living by working in another’s house and herding cattle.

Parbati Acharya