Rehabilitation Delayed for 25 Landslide-Affected Families in Airavati Rural Municipality

  August 18, 2023 By: INSEC

In the aftermath of a devastating landslide that occurred on July 3, 2022, impacting the community of Airavati Rural Municipality-4, Tigrapal, a group of 25 families comprising approximately 119 individuals continues to await resettlement. The disaster was triggered by relentless rainfall, leading to a collapse of land and displacement of families, including individuals like Chum Bahadur B.K, Tuk Bahadur B.K, Tej Bahadur B.K, Chet Bahadur Budha Magar, and Durga Aale Magar.

Sukmaya Budha Magar, a 45-year-old displaced resident, shared her concerns regarding the prolonged period of uncertainty and displacement. She expressed that despite temporarily residing near the village in Padmodaya Pravi for two months after being forced to evacuate due to the landslide risk, those who own land above the village are now occupying dwellings provided by the rural municipality, including homes belonging to Tripal and other relatives. Regrettably, the affected families have yet to receive substantial assistance for their rehabilitation efforts.

The displaced community members have made appeals and engaged in discussions for rehabilitation through the village municipality and ward offices. However, the rural municipality has conveyed that the responsibility for reconstruction lies with the provincial government. Sita, one of the affected individuals, narrated her distressing experience of leading an unsettled life in someone else’s home. Tuk Bahadur B.K, another displaced resident, lamented the lack of support from any government agency, including rehabilitation, even after 11 months since the landslide-induced displacement.

Shankar Bahadur Bhandari, the Ward Chairperson of Airavati Rural Municipality-4, assured that the process of rehabilitation is underway in collaboration with the Lumbini provincial government. He anticipates that the families impacted by the landslide will eventually be resettled. Meghraj Soni, the administrative officer of the district administration office, acknowledged the challenges faced by the affected families. He highlighted that although efforts to secure funding for rehabilitation have been communicated multiple times to higher authorities, including the federation and the state, the necessary resources have not yet been allocated to the affected families in this specific ward.

As the affected families continue to grapple with the aftermath of the landslide, community members and authorities alike remain committed to expediting the resettlement process and providing the necessary support for the displaced individuals to regain stability and security in their lives.

Rabindra Pandey