Recommendation to Dismiss Police Inspector Accused of Incitement Violence Against Medical Professional

  September 28, 2023 By: INSEC

The District Police Office in Kaski has recommended the suspension of Inspector Madan Shrestha to the Ministry of Home Affairs. Inspector Shrestha is facing this recommendation due to his involvement in a dispute and making remarks that allegedly incited violence against doctors.

These remarks were made during his intervention in a dispute involving the relatives of a patient, 57-year-old Sukamaya Dura, who had died during treatment at Manipal Teaching Hospital. A committee has been formed, led by Senior Superintendent of Police Suresh Singh Koirala from the Provincial Police Office, to investigate the incident.

Furthermore, DSP Ved Joshi, who was in charge of Ward Police Office Baidam , and responsible for maintaining peace and security at Manipal, has been transferred to the District Police Office.

The dispute between Dura’s relatives and the doctors resulted in protests by the medical staff, claiming that one of the doctors had been physically assaulted. This situation also affected the treatment of other patients admitted to and receiving care at Manipal Teaching Hospital.

INSEC Gandaki Province Office, Pokhara