Raute Community Deprived of Social Security Allowance from the Last Three Months

  July 19, 2022 By: INSEC

The Raute Community which migrates in every two to three months has reached Bhagwatimai Rural Municipality-4, Mangharchaur of Dailekh from Chhedagad Municipality-2 of Jajarkot. There are 46 families with 144 members in them. The community has not received the social security allowance from the government, said Mahinbahadur Shahi, the Chief of the community.

Sushmita Khadka, secretary of Gurans Rural Municipality Ward No. 8, informed that everyone was busy with the payment of the schemes and fiscal closing during the month of June and due to the protest of employees in contract, there was a delay in the distribution of allowances.

The Raute community migrates in every two to three months around Dailekh, Surkhet, Salyan and Jajarkot districts of Karnali Province. They have been living in Dailekh for a long time after which the federal government has appointed Gurans rural municipality-8 to distribute the social security allowance since July 2017.

Gurans Rural Municipality-8 has been given the responsibility by the federal government to provide the allowance to them wherever they reach, however, in last few months the timely distribution of social security allowance has been delayed, said Hira Singh Thapa, Chairperson of Social Service Centre.

According to the Census of 2001, there were 180 people in the Raute community. In 2011, there were 166of them and in 2021, there were 149 of them.  The statistics show that the number of Rautes are declining and are in the verse of extinction.

The government has been providing social security allowances to ten different communities considering them endangered since the financial year 2008/009. The endangered communities are Raute, Kusunda, Hayu, Kisan, Meche, Banakaria, Surel, Raji, Lopcha and Kuswadiya.

Amar Sunar