Ramechhap Prison Exceeds Prisoner Capacity

  January 23, 2023 By: INSEC

Ramechhap ‘D’ category prison, having a capacity of 220 inmates, is holding 317 prisoners, one and a half times more than the capacity. The male inmates are being held more than the capacity of the prison in comparison to female inmates.

There are 18 female prisoners held in cells with a capacity of 20 inmates.  Eleven female inmates have been sentenced to imprisonment. Similarly, Assistant Health worker, Rajendra Basnet, of the prison informed that there are seven women in detention.

There are 299 prisoners in the men’s cell with a capacity of 200. According to Basnet, 239 men sentenced to imprisonment are in prison and 60 men are in detention. There are 6 senior citizens over 70 years old in the prison.

Shyam Ghimire, a detainee of the prison says, excessive inmates, cause problems in water and garbage management, and sanitation. Ghimire says that when infectious and communicable diseases spread, it will be very difficult to control the disease in such a situation.

Nawaraj Pathik