Province Government Announces Relief to Farmers Affected by Storm and Rain

  October 21, 2021 By: INSEC

Minister for Land Management, Agriculture and Cooperative of Province 2, Bijay Yadav, shared that crops have been severely damaged due to unseasonal and continuous rain and storm and assured that relief distribution program will be conducted in the coordination and participation of all three tiers of the government. 

This information was given by Minister Yadav at a press conference on October 21.  

Minister Yadav shared that paddy, vegetables, oilseeds and pulses had been severely damaged in all eight districts of Province 2. Minister Yadav has said that the provincial government will provide relief after collecting the statistics of the incident. 

He said, ‘Relief cannot be declared without collecting data and information. We are collecting the exact details of the damage. The government will announce relief programs after the process is over.’ 

He further added that the incessant rains and storms had caused economic and mental stress to the people of the province and also informed that the government is committed to announcing and providing relief to the affected farmers immediately. 

Secretary of the Ministry Dr. Namrata Singh said that the Ministry was working in collaboration with the local government to collect the data and said that relief program will initiate after the Ministry publishes actual details of the damages and loss. 

This year, 403,000 hectares of lands of eight districts of Province 2 were cultivated with paddy. Manish Kumar Pal, Information Officer at the Ministry, said that 1,344,378 metric tons of paddy were produced in the area of 373,441 hectares last year.  

Although the area of paddy cultivation had increased this year and the production was expected to increase due to sufficient rain, the torrential rain of October 18 and 19 have damaged everything, said Information Officer Pal.

Dipendra Prasad Singh