Protest in Baluwatar Seeking Justice for Rape Victim

  May 20, 2022 By: INSEC

Young activists have staged a protest in front of the Prime Minister’s residence in Baluwatar on May 20, 2022, demanding justice for a young woman who was raped eight years ago by the organizer of a beauty pageant.

The protest was staged through the occupy Baluwatar movement which started from social media campaigning.

Participants in the protest have demanded that the perpetrators of rape be punished, the statute of limitation on rape and other sexual violence laws should be removed, and that cases related to rape and sexual violence should be heard on a fast track.




A few days ago, the victim had claimed that an organizer of a beauty pageant had raped her eight years ago at the Everest Hotel in New Baneswor by making her semi-conscious by mixing something in her drink. The victim had opened up about the incident through her social media handles.

Meanwhile, in the meeting of the House of Representatives held on May 20, the Speaker has ruled the government to bring the accused of the case to justice.

In a meeting of the House of Representatives held on May 20, Parliamentarian Gagan Thapa had demanded action against the perpetrators.

Speaker Sapkota said that he had taken the matter seriously and directed the government to investigate the incident and identify the facts and bring the perpetrator to book.

Bimal Paudel