Protest Graffiti by  Biplav-led CPN Against Election

  November 9, 2022 By: INSEC

Biplav-led CPN has announced the to boycott of the House of Representatives and Provincial Assembly elections which is going to be held on November 20, 2022. The party has been putting up posters and spreading propaganda to boycott the elections in Dang.

 The party has painted graffiti of protest in different urban and rural areas including Ghorahi and Tulsipur of Dang. The slogans such as “No vote on November 20, cancel the alleged parliamentary election” have been written on the wall.

CPN Tulsipur sub-metropolitan committee informed about the different writings on the walls of different wards and villages of the sub-metropolitan city.

Meanwhile, three leaders of Biplav-led CPN were arrested by the district police office on November 7. They were released after being detained for 6 and a half hours while they were putting up posters urging the public to boycott the upcoming election.

District Police Office Dang arrested 28-year-old Padam Chand, 35-year-old Ashoka Bhandari, and 35-year-old Revat Shrestha of Ghorahi Sub-municipal-16 from Ghorahi sub-municipal-16 while they were writing on the wall saying to boycott the election of Mangsir 4 in a house near the DK petrol pump. Police Office SP Bir Bahadur Oli informed.

CPN District Secretary Pradeep Oli said that the Biplava-led CPN has announced that it would boycott the elections for the House of Representatives and Provincial Assembly with peaceful protest. Secretary Wali asked not to arrest the peaceful protest program.

Jannarayan Pun