Proletarian Strike results working class group in starvation!

  November 13, 2016 By: INSEC

Rewanti Kumal, 27 of Chirtundhara-7 came to the district headquarter Tansen early in the morning of November 13 in search for job. She spent one hour by walking to reach headquarters. She was very sad after she did could not find a job as a porter. At around nine o’clock she left for house empty handed. She is looking after her two children including husband by doing a porter job. She said in a distress voice “the strike has made people like us suffering from starvation”.

People like Rewanti, who are living by doing such low level job, are in serious crisis after the strike called on by Netra Bikram Chand led Maoist demanding the control of price hike, corruption and guarantee of right to food.

Kul Babahdur Lamkaha, 53 of Jalpa-3, Maidan has a similar story. He has been doing a porter job in Tansen from the last two and half decades. Until the dusk, he was looking for job but could not get one. “ I need to pay Rs 1600 a month as a rent, I need to eat and wear. My problem has already begun as I do not have anything to eat at night because I could not find a job today”, he said. He even do not know the purpose of strike.” Because of strike, me and my family will starve tonight, he said.

Another strike victim Danisara Kumal,28 of Chiturangdhara has a same story as others. She did not get any job today because of strike effect. Her whole family is depending on her. “Such strike will have a serious effect on a group like us”, she said.

At least 200 porters in Tansen are living life by doing a daily porter job. Just to do a porter job, sixty people including men and women comes to Chiturangdhara VDC in a daily basis.


Yagya Murti Timilsina