Prohibition Order Issued in Bardiwas

  November 25, 2020 By: INSEC

Buddhiraj Neupane, also known as Sanjay of Bardibas-1, died on November 24 night while undergoing treatment for a bullet fired by police at a protest by locals alleging that six year old Gulabsa Khatun was raped and murdered in Bardibas on November 23.


CDO Krishna Bahadur Katuwal of Mahottari said that a prohibition order has been issued to prevent further loss of life and property.

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The order has been issued from 9 am on November 25 to 6 am on November 26.

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CDO Katuwal said that no more than five people would be allowed to gather in the area during the injunction period and unnecessary gatherings would be allowed.

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Area of Prohibition

Rato Khola of ward no. 1 in the east

Maisthan of Ward No. 5 in the west

Patu of Ward No. 3 in the north

Quarter Chowk of Ward No. 8 in the south

Ajay Kumar Shah